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In mobile network, the signal of two antennas is better than that of one antenna?

In mobile communication system, the space wireless signal is transmitted and received through mobile antenna. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the signal of two antennas is better than that of one antenna signal.

In the ON/OFF of basic settings, the low voltage protection is 8V, why?

 After testing, when the battery is lower than 8V, the voltage will lower down quickly. Therefore the lowest voltage is set to be 8V. When it is lower than 8V, the MDVR device will recognize it as external power-off and then enter into shutdown state.

How to solve the problem of the splash screen after the analog camera is connected to the main device?

A:Check whether the recording mode of the device is matched to the camera: the English version is NTSC by default; the Chinese version is PAL.

Why there is no image on the monitor?

Firstly, please make sure the MDVR is power supplied and started. Secondly, check whether the LIVE is enabled in MDVR. Thirdly, make sure the connection for video output to monitor is correct and the camera is connected tightly to device. Fourthly, please replace a new camera to try again.

Why MDVR can not detect the hard disk or SD card?

This problem usually is caused by the wrong hard disk/SD card installation or the defective hard disk/SD card or the hard disk caddy. Firstly, please make sure you install the hard disk/SD card correctly. Check whether the connection cable can work fine. Secondly, please change another hard disk/SD card to try again. Thirdly, for the hard disk recording MDVR, please change another hard disk caddy.

How to upgrade the firmware locally?

Please follow below steps: 

Step 1. Create a folder in the root directory of thumb drive and name it "dvrupgrade", then copy the firmware file into this folder. 

Step 2. Insert the thumb driver into MDVR (There is one USB port on the front of the MDVR device) 

Step 3. Enter into MDVR SYSTEM UPGRADE, please choose FIREMWARE option, and then press OK to start to upgrade the firmware. 

Note: The power for MDVR can not be cut off during the upgrading process as upgrading means that the MDVR system is refreshing the flash. If the power is cut off, the flash will be damaged and MDVR can not reboot up. 

Why the image on the monitor is always flashing?

Usually this issue is caused by the wrong video system setting. The MDVR supports PAL and NTSC video systems, before you connect the camera with MDVR, please make sure that the camera system is same as MDVR video system setting. If the camera is PAL system, please choose PAL system for MDVR too. Please go to MDVR  SYSTEM -->  for this setting. Likewise, if you connect  MONITOR with MDVR, please make sure the video system setting for MDVR is the same. 

Why the MDVR system shows that the hard disk/SD card is not formatted?

Condition 1: The SD card or hard disk is new. You have to format them in MDVR directly. 

Condition 2: The hard disk or SD card is damaged. Please change the new ones to try again.

How to calculate the hard disk/SD card storage consumption for recording?

The following table is for your reference.

 HDD/SD Card Consumption Calculating Table 



 Record Quality

 1 channel/hour size (MB)

 1 day size (GB)  (24hours/1channel) 

 500GB hard disk recording time (Day)


































Why the PTZ does not work?

Please follow the below steps:
Step 1. Check whether the RS485 cable connection is correct. The +polarity and –polarity must be connected correctly 
RS485-A means RS485+, and RS485-B means RS485-
Step 2. Check the PTZ Parameter setting on the MDVR GUI 
Step 3. Try to forward to the front or back different address for testing 

What kind of the hard disk TOPO MDVR supports?

The brand Hitachi, Samsung and Seagate is recommend and maximum capacity is 2TB.